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    SIGWATCH tracks NGO campaigns and the emerging issues driven by activists nationally and globally so our customers can stay ahead of reputational problems and market liabilities. Below is a small sample of our latest intelligence. Click the other tabs on this page to see how we turn this data into valuable business planning trends and insights.
    Oregon officials urged to reject water fluoridation proposal
    U.S. – Fluoride Action Network (FAN) and Clean Water Oregon are mobilizing supporters to demand...
    Argentine group urges transition to 'sustainable circular economy'
    ARGENTINA – Los Verdes called for a wider debate on sustainable living, and greater efforts to...
    Rocky Mountain Power urged to tackle coal power plant pollution
    U.S. – Sierra Club, Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, HEAL Utah, and allied groups rallied...
    UK local govt urged to divest pension funds from fossil fuel to ‘new economy’
    UK – PLATFORM and Community Reinvest argued that reinvesting the GBP14billion of local government...
    Greenpeace Russia claims ‘sabotage’ of investigations on oil-related pollution
    RUSSIA – Greenpeace claimed that unknown groups were attempting to sabotage its efforts to report...
    Dutch consumer group claims win as govt drops 'confusing' check mark food symbol
    NETHERLANDS – Consumentenbond claimed the Dutch government has decided to stop supporting the check...
    US EPA sued over ‘inaction’ on new standards for lead exposure
    U.S. – Earthjustice, on behalf of Sierra Club, California Communities Against Toxics, Healthy Homes...
    World Bank warned over Poland waterway transport schemes
    POLAND – Eko Unia and Zielony Instytut (Green Institute), on behalf of more than 60 NGOs, scientists...
    J.M. Smucker targeted over GMO ingredients, labeling
    U.S. – Green America’s GMO Inside campaign launched a “Smucker’s: Make PB&J...
    Australia urged to tackle 'biohacking dangers'
    AUSTRALIA – GM Free Australia Alliance, an affiliate of Friends of the Earth (FoE) Australia, called...
    Above is a small sample of more than 120 activist news alerts we publish EVERY week, covering every industry sector and economically significant country. To see our entire output and more, ask for a free trial – just click the red button on this page.
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