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    Below is a randomly selected 30% of the headlines from just today's SIGWATCH intelligence on NGOs:
    EU directive criticized for 'overly broad' definition of trade secrets
    EUROPE / U.S. – Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), Health Action International (HAI), CIEL, Public Citizen and other groups criticized the European Commission and Council's draft European Union (EU) directive on trade secrets, which the NGOs claimed has an overly broad definition and extremely weak exceptions. In an open letter, the signatories claimed that the directive could seriously endanger the work of journalists, whistle-blowers, unionists and researchers as well as severely limiting corporate accountability and the transparency of corporate data used for regulation. The letter also criticized the protection for companies which allegedly enables them to sue anyone who “unlawfully acquires, uses or discloses” their so-called “trade secrets”. Finally, the groups warned that pharmaceutical companies could hide adverse drug results, companies could refuse to disclose hazardous chemicals, food toxicology results could remain hidden, and the right to expression and freedom of movement could be significantly restricted. See
    Mozambique forests 'being destroyed by illegal logging, forest fires'
    MOZAMBIQUE – ENGO Justica Ambiental (FoE Mozambique) reportedly claimed that there were still ongoing...
    U.S. activists target Spectra Energy over planned gas pipeline expansion
    U.S. – Activists from Fighting Against Natural Gas (FANG) occupied and shut down Spectra Energy's...
    Biofuels 'cause declining food production, rising contamination' in Mato Grosso
    BRAZIL – FASE and ActionAid claimed that increasing 'monocrop' production of sugar cane...
    Eastern U.S. states pressed to support electric vehicle growth
    U.S. – Sierra Club, Environment America, Natural Resources Defense Council, Plug In America, and...
    California activists disrupt Google campus access in net neutrality protest
    U.S. – Activists from SumOfUs used mobile billboards to create “slow lanes” and stop...
    Dutch ENGOs angered over govt's gas drilling plans for Groningen
    NETHERLANDS – Milieudefensie (FoE Netherlands), along with other ENGOs and citizen action groups,...
    French anti-nuclear group targets EV charge network plan
    FRANCE – Observatoire du nucleaire criticized energy-logistics conglomerate Bollore’s...
    Belarus company sued for 'hiding' reports on pig farm impacts
    BELARUS – EcoDom is suing the company Veles-Mit for allegedly hiding key documents necessary for...
    Altai mining 'threatens rare mountain sheep'
    RUSSIA – WWF claimed cobalt mining by the Global Cobalt Corporation (GCC) in the Kosh-Agach district...
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