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    SIGWATCH tracks NGO campaigns and the emerging issues driven by activists nationally and globally so our customers can stay ahead of reputational problems and market liabilities. Below is a small sample of our latest intelligence. Click the other tabs on this page to see how we turn this data into valuable business planning trends and insights.
    Ukraine broiler chicken farm public hearing 'flawed, undemocratic'
    UKRAINE – National Environmental Centre of Ukraine (NECU) claimed the public hearing to discuss...
    Aramark targeted over 'poor' chicken supply chain welfare standards
    U.S. – Humane League launched an “Agony at Aramark” campaign with a rally at the food...
    Nestle boycott launched over latest Ontario ‘water grab’
    CANADA – Council of Canadians (COC) urged the township of Centre Wellington, Ontario to pass a...
    Russia criticized for proposed 'damaging' hunting rule amendments
    RUSSIA – Greenpeace and Vita Animal Rights Centre criticized the Natural Resources and Environment...
    European Commission slammed for “carbon intensive” investments
    EUROPE – CEE Bankwatch Network, Friends of the Earth (FoE) Europe, WWF, and Climate Action Network...
    Local animal rights, vegan protest planned for Oct 1 in southern Germany
    GERMANY – Animal welfare group ARIWA is staging an anti-speciesism 'Antispe Action Day and...
    Belgian consumer group demands standardized portion labeling at EU level
    BELGIUM / EUROPE – Consumer watchdog Test Achats / Test Aankoop called for food portions and servings...
    Big Food 'pricing out' small-scale producers for retail shelf space – CSPI
    U.S. – Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) accused U.S. supermarkets and food manufacturers...
    Prince Edward Island govt urged to reject planned water bottling plant
    CANADA – Council of Canadians (COC) called on the government of Prince Edward Island (PEI) to reject...
    Burger King praised for extending animal welfare policies to Latin America
    U.S. / LATIN AMERICA – Humane Society (HSUS) praised Burger King and its parent Restaurant Brands...
    Above is a small sample of more than 120 activist news alerts we publish EVERY week, covering every industry sector and economically significant country. To see our entire output and more, ask for a free trial – just click the red button on this page.
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