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    SIGWATCH tracks NGO campaigns and the emerging issues driven by activists nationally and globally so our customers can stay ahead of reputational problems and market liabilities. Below is a small sample of our latest intelligence. Click the other tabs on this page to see how we turn this data into valuable business planning trends and insights.
    Argentine govt chided for draft seed law 'favoring' biotech, pesticide interests
    ARGENTINA – Greenpeace accused the Argentine government of caving into lobbying pressure and prioritizing...
    Dutch consumer group launches investment insurance class action

    NETHERLANDS – Consumentenbond...
    Greenpeace 'success' as Samsung announces Galaxy Note 7 recycling plan
    EUROPE / SOUTH KOREA – Greenpeace International claimed Samsung's newly announced plan for...
    Oceana Gold warned against blocking El Salvador mental mining ban
    EL SALVADOR – Movimiento de Victimas, Afectados y Afectadas por el Cambio Climatico y por las Corporaciones...
    US Congress pressed to block repeal of methane waste rule
    U.S. – Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC) is mobilizing supporters to press their...
    Greenpeace protests in France, Belgium against Total's Brazil drilling
    FRANCE / BELGIUM / BRAZIL – Greenpeace protested in Paris, France and Antwerp, Belgium against...
    Norwegian supermarkets challenged to increase percentage of fruit, veg ads
    NORWAY – Norwegian ENGO Framtiden i Vare Hender / FiVH (Future in our Hands Norway) criticized...
    US drug industry overstating R&D to justify 'inflated' prices – report
    U.S. – Public Citizen accused the pharmaceutical industry of over-inflating research and development...
    German campaign group demands Burger King drop 'rainforest destruction' links
    GERMANY / U.S. – Rettet den Regenwald (Rainforest Rescue) launched a campaign to press Burger King...
    Spanish protest targets proposed Basque Country incinerator plant
    SPAIN – Greenpeace activists and local groups demonstrated in Anoeta against the proposed Zubieta...
    Above is a small sample of more than 120 activist news alerts we publish EVERY week, covering every industry sector and economically significant country. To see our entire output and more, ask for a free trial – just click the red button on this page.
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