Engaging with stakeholders

With the world’s biggest NGOs formally embedded in global institutions from the UN to the World Bank, and many multinational companies and financial institutions regularly engaged in dialogue with campaigning groups and other stakeholders, the question, ‘Should we talk to NGOs?’ has been replaced by, ‘How should we go about it?’

SIGWATCH’s wealth of data and experience working with companies large and small and across all sectors is available to ensure that your stakeholder engagement is both meaningful and productive.

We can show how you perceived by activists, how you compare with your peers, and where your peers might be succeeding that you can usefully emulate.

We can explain how other companies have achieved success in engagement, and also learn valuable lessons from their failures.

We can ensure you spend time with the NGOs most likely to give value, and ensure the engagement addresses the topics where both sides can expect progress rather than frustration.

We can also expose how key NGOs may be networked with your other stakeholders, so you can develop an engagement strategy that succeeds at all important levels, from government to shareholders to employees.

If you want to bring about a step-change in the way your organization deals with NGOs and other influential stakeholders, talk to us first. We can almost certainly save you a great deal of time and money in unproductive effort. 

“With SIGWATCH we can quickly turn up which NGOs are critical, what they are saying, and who they are criticizing.”