Engaging with stakeholders

The world’s biggest NGOs are now formally embedded in global institutions from the UN to the World Bank, and activist campaigning is having a growing impact on policy. There is a clear need for multinationals and financial institutions to regularly engage in constructive dialogue with campaigning groups and other stakeholders.

SIGWATCH’s wealth of data and experience working with companies across all sectors can ensure that engagement between business and civil society is both meaningful and productive, by:

• Showing how companies are perceived by activists, how they compare with peers, and where positive action can be emulated.
• Explaining how other companies have undertaken constructive engagement.
• Illustrating how key NGOs are networked with other stakeholders, allowing business to develop an engagement strategy that succeeds at all levels, from government to shareholders to employees.




“SIGWATCH helps us see which NGOs really matter, and what we can do to build constructive relationships."