Enhanced due diligence

SIGWATCH is an invaluable tool for investment fund managers, lawyers and procurement executives investigating potential environmental, social, and governance problems with customers and suppliers.

Drawing its information direct from primary NGO and activist sources, SIGWATCH data is both more robust than traditional EDD research tools like press databases, and also virtually immune to corporate manipulation or suppression.

With over 20 percent of the corporate entities in our database being local companies and partners in hard-to-track regions like Asia, Africa, and Latin America, SIGWATCH is especially useful for assessing global supply chain risk.

With all records already in English and accompanied with links to primary sources, informed assessments of problems uncovered can be made immediately, reducing or even avoiding the cost of expensive on-the-ground investigations.

SIGWATCH data can tell you which NGOs you should contact to obtain an independent perspective, making it a comprehensive source for EDD investigation.


Geographical breakdown of SIGWATCH corporate database

  • Europe 43%
  • North America 31%
  • Asia Pacific 14%
  • Latin America 9%
  • Africa, Middle East & Central Asia 3%

"Simply put, SIGWATCH gets to places other databases can't reach.”