Forecasting emerging issues and material risks

Activists make the weather on many of the issues and risks that affect business, supply chains and investors, bringing them to public attention long before the media or other stakeholders.

SIGWATCH monitors ten thousand activist groups across the world, tracking their campaigns in detail to reveal new or trending issues and to identify the industries and companies they are targeting.

When ESG issues break in the media, the resulting storm can cause crises for companies left exposed and caught unawares. Activist campaigns both predict and drive the emergence of these issues on the political agenda, providing the ideal advance-warning system. The difference between those organisations who comfortably ride the wave of positive change, and those dragged down by crisis, lies in their preparedness.

SIGWATCH enables its clients to stay well ahead of the curve, reacting to issues long before they break the banks and flood the public agenda.

Examples of issues whose emergence has been predicted by activist campaigning include plastic pollution, fracking, deforestation, and divestment from both fossil fuels and large-scale agriculture, among others.

• Over 19,000 companies, projects and brands tracked across 70 industry sectors.
• Activist campaigns analysed by 1,000 issues.
• New issues flagged as soon as they emerge, within hours of new campaigns starting.
• Proprietary quantification and charting of campaigning trends gives you uniquely persuasive evidence to take to colleagues and higher management.

“SIGWATCH not only tells us where NGO interest is rising, but also where it is declining, so we can downgrade our communications activity and save time and money.”