Forecasting issue and material risks

Activists not only make the weather on many of the issues and material risks that affect your business, supply chain and investors, they initiate these issues, and bring them to public attention long before the media or other stakeholders.

SIGWATCH monitors approaching ten thousand activist groups across the world, tracking their campaigns in detail to reveal new or trending issues and to identify the industries and companies they are targeting.

With SIGWATCH, you get advance warning of these issues and how they are changing, so you can ensure your business is properly protected and take advantage of opportunities from activist campaigns changing public opinion.

If you are an investor, our data warns you of emerging material risks and helps you characteristic these new risks so you know how best to incorporate them in your materiality matrices.

With major new issues like plastics appearing seemingly out of nowhere (in fact, our data showed that the issue had been bubbling up for over a year before it broke into the media), early warnings not only save hundreds of thousands of dollars in misdirected effort, they also help protect an organisation's reputation from global consumer backlash.

In the last few years we have alerted clients to several significant new or accelerating activist-driven business risks, not only plastics, but also green vegetarianism, fracking, deforestation, and investor decoupling from fossil fuels, among others.

  • Over 19,000 companies, projects and brands tracked across 70 industry sectors.
  • Activist campaigns analysed by 1,000 issues.
  • New issues flagged as soon as they emerge, within hours of new campaigns starting. 
  • Proprietary quantification and charting of campaigning trends gives you uniquely persuasive evidence to take to colleagues and higher management.

“SIGWATCH not only tells us where NGO interest is rising, but also where it is declining, so we can downgrade our communications activity and save time and money.”