Helping companies lead

Activist NGOs are the most effective drivers of societal change in many countries in the world today. This change does not have to be destructive and disruptive, but can be creative and empowering. When organisations are well prepared to take a leading role, both business and society can benefit, and SIGWATCH enables exactly that.

SIGWATCH helps organisations to stay ahead of the issues NGOs drive to the forefront of public attention. This enables leaders to take advance action, ensuring not only continued business and reputational success, but also a meaningful contribution to societal progress. 

Many NGOs are leading experts in their fields, and SIGWATCH can help identify those campaigns and materials which business leaders should pay attention to, using our in-house expertise to help translate this information into actionable business intelligence.





“With SIGWATCH we get a complete picture of how we are seen by NGOs, so we can take a proactive approach to our reputation, and address issues upfront.”