Protecting corporate reputation

NGOs and campaigning groups are the most effective manufacturers of corporate grief in many countries in the world today. They are also one of the most unpredictable. Not any more.

SIGWATCH monitors the campaigns of some ten thousands activist groups across the world to help companies see what issues are coming their way and how their industry peers are being targeted. Thus allows management to take early avoiding action or make a sensible change in behavior so what could have been a source of criticism becomes a cause for activist praise.

SIGWATCH’s data scanning reaches down to the level of individual brands and projects. If a named brand is criticized or praised by an activist group, or singled out for ‘naming and shaming’, SIGWATCH will spot it and immediately alert the brand owner.

We can also brief the company on the background to the campaign, the potential and modus operandi of the activist group(s) behind it, and advise how on best to manage the event to mitigate any damage.

SIGWATCH monitoring covers all the world’s significant economies and all the most effective campaigning groups (and we are adding new ones daily). We help getting on to a hundred organizations protect their reputations from unprepared activist attack – can we help yours? 

“Knowing what NGOs are planning gives us confidence in our own reputation management systems.”