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for issue management Turning NGO campaigns into actionable information

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    SIGWATCH tracks NGO campaigns and the emerging issues driven by activists nationally and globally so our customers can stay ahead of reputational problems and market liabilities.

    Over the last ten years SIGWATCH has pioneered quantification of activist criticism on corporate and industry reputation, analysing this data to give our clients graphical snapshots of the impact on their corporate and product brands, subsidiaries and projects.

    Quick facts

    • 8,000 activist groups worldwide tracked daily
    • 15,000 companies, projects and brands
    • 64 industry sectors
    • 900+ issues
    • Over 100 activist actions alerted every week
    • 3 levels of subscription, including ‘safe start’ 3 month packages
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    Most targeted corporates in last 12 months globally *

    * Number of activist actions in last 12 months (live data)

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    Trending issues

    * Live data

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    Activist campaigning trends

    Every 3 months Sigwatch publishes a statistical analysis of activist campaign trends across the globe for the previous 12 months

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