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    SIGWATCH tracks NGO campaigns and the emerging issues driven by activists nationally and globally so our customers can stay ahead of reputational problems and market liabilities. Below is a small sample of our latest intelligence. Click the other tabs on this page to see how we turn this data into valuable business planning trends and insights.
    Drax shareholder meeting targeted in coal, biofuel protest
    UK – Biofuelwatch, Coal Action Network and allies, joined by the former Green Party leader Natalie...
    Levi Strauss targeted over carbon emissions in supply chain
    U.S. – and activists from the Too Dirty to Wear campaign are rallying at Levi Strauss...
    Dutch campaign engages consumers to press firms over short product lifespans
    NETHERLANDS – Consumentenbond launched a "hotline" for consumers to report appliances...
    Wales pressed to ban shooting of game birds on public land
    UK – Animal Aid and League Against Cruel Sports handed a petition with 12,700 signatures to the...
    Russian authorities 'failing to act on Unesco's Lake Baikal advice'
    RUSSIA / MONGOLIA – Rivers Without Boundaries and Greenpeace Russia criticized the “failures,...
    Maryland zoo sued for alleged animal welfare, endangered species act violations
    U.S. – Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) accused Deer Haven Mini Zoo in Keymar, Maryland of violating...
    'Plastics pact' launched in Britain to tackle plastic waste, pollution
    UK – WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme, a British government-funded body) and the...
    Global campaign demands Starbucks 'abandon' 'caged eggs
    GLOBAL – Open Wing Alliance members including GAIA, SAFE, Djurens Ratt, Otwarte Klatki, Humane...
    Greenpeace Russia finds new targets in plastic bag campaign
    RUSSIA – Greenpeace delivered a giant disposable plastic bag to X5 Retail Group as an “anti-award”...
    Dutch, Belgian anti-animal testing groups call for 30% fewer experiments by 2025
    BELGIUM / NETHERLANDS – Animal Rights and Global Action in the Interest of Animals (GAIA)...
    Above is a small sample of more than 120 activist news alerts we publish EVERY week, covering every industry sector and economically significant country. To see our entire output and more, ask for a free trial – just click the red button on this page.
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