What we do

    SIGWATCH tracks and analyses activist campaigns to help business manage global issue and activist risk. 

    Through a global network of multilingual researchers monitoring all the world’s major and emerging economies in over a dozen languages, SIGWATCH observes how environmental, human and animal rights, and consumer activists are driving current and emerging issues and their impact on individual corporations and brands.

    The data we gather daily is processed by editorial centres in London, UK and Freiburg, Germany and distributed electronically to our users and analysed quantitatively to help answer management questions as “How do activists perceive us?”, “Which are the dominant activists affecting our key issues?”, “How are these issues spreading in our markets?” and “How do we compare with our competitors?”. 

    Increasingly the most valuable insights we can give businesses is emerging issues and trends, derived from observing and measuring where activists are applying their campaigning resources. Activist groups are ‘early adopters’ of issues – knowing what they are worrying and talking about helps business understand the problems that might confront them or their sector.

    Our core service is provision of activist and issue tracking and reputational impact data by daily bulletins and online data analysis tools built into this website. Corporate customers can purchase this data through  annual subscription licenses ranging in cost, scope and number of users. Opens internal link in current windowMore details 

    We also have built a considerable consultancy business helping businesses understand what motivates activists and training them in how to choose and engage with NGOs to develop mutually beneficial dialogue and support. Many NGOs have deep knowledge of the issues on which they campaign and we encourage and guide businesses to work with NGOs and tap their insights to pre-empt future reputational and practical problems.

    Quick facts
    SIGWATCH daily tracks some 7,000 activist groups on over 700 issues across the globe, and measures their impact on nearly 10,000 companies and their brands.

    Our databases contain reports on over 60,000 significant activist campaign events.

    We add 25-35 new activist initiatives daily.

    Headquartered in London, UK with an office in Germany and partners in the U.S. and Canada. Research and monitoring personnel spread across the world.

    We monitor in a wide range of foreign languages as well as English: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Chinese and Japanese as a matter of course.

    SIGWATCH Ltd is registered in England & Wales (No. 7616335).
    SIGWATCH GmbH is registered in Freiburg, Germany (No. HRB709781). 

    See Opens internal link in current windowOur People for details on key staff.

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