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    Designer labels dominate brands most praised by NGOs in 2018Q3

    Allianz and Swiss Re are the brands most praised by NGOs in the third quarter this year, thanks to their efforts to tackle climate change.  This is the second quarter in a row that they have topped the ranking from global...[more]

    Is meat the next plastic?

    We compare the recent huge uptick in campaigning on plastic pollution with the rise in NGO concern over the environmental cost of meat production and ask, are we about to see a major shift in public opinion in support of cutting...[more]

    Which firms did NGOs most praise in 2018-Q2?

    Latest SIGWATCH data tracking NGO attitudes to the corporate world reveals the companies most praised by campaigners during Q2 2018. Financial institutions AXA and Allianz come top, followed by Gap, Unilever and Citigroup. Swiss...[more]

    Most praised brands in 2018Q1

    Latest SIGWATCH ranking shows the most engaged corporations continuing to attract high praise from NGOs, but some newcomers too, eg. Signet and Tiffany’s, thanks to their strong stance on transparency in sourcing metals and gems....[more]

    Why global brands should tap NGOs to win the loyalty of consumers

    Ingrid Solberg, SIGWATCH – February 2018 Campaigning groups could be key to winning the loyalty of consumers, and especially Millennials (those aged 18-24) because NGOs are more trusted than business, government, or the media to...[more]

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