Feb 25: Convergence of ESG Compliance and Third-Party Risk Management (webinar)

Robert Blood, managing director of SIGWATCH, joins Keesa Schreane, Refinitiv's global partnership director, and Paul Johnson, Product Director, Due Diligence at Refinitiv, in discussing ESG compliance with an analysis of the impact of activist groups on ESG risk.

Webinar Available On-Demand

Compliance and sustainability share many areas of common interest, such as third-party risk management, supply chain oversight, transparency and reputation.

Companies are increasingly taking Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues into account when considering their global and reputational impact. In the same way that sanctions, financial crime, and anti-bribery/corruption risks are often assessed under one cohesive compliance due diligence process, it also makes sense to consider the impact of ESG risk on the supply chain and broader third-party due diligence.

While ESG is generally understood as the measure of the sustainability and ethical impact of an organization, what remains to be clearly defined for organizations is how to monitor for, assess and comply with ESG standards within third-party risk management programs.
Join us for this webinar where our expert panelists will discuss:

  • The convergence of compliance and sustainability
  • Expectations of investors in terms of the supply chain and third-party networks
  • Role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and campaigning groups in exposing new areas of ESG and third party risk, and how these risks can be anticipated and managed
  • Due diligence workflow and strategies to mitigate third-party risk and ensure transparency